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Here is how I got into the sport


As a child I was always in the water. I started sailing in the Optimist class which if you don´t know what it is, just imagine a bathtub with a sail. The optimist class is a very competitive class and I began when I was 8. I immediately fell in love with the sport. 

I competed in several National Championships, went to five South American Championships and a World Championship. I later on transitioned into the Snipe in which I sailed with my older brother.

Sailing is a big sport in South America but I felt that I needed to do something more intense and exciting. So I  decided to try something different without leaving the water and wind. This was when I saw kiting. I went to the beach one day with my friend, put the kite up, and next thing you know I was throwing tricks. It was an amazing feeling. Being able to go fast, do tricks, and be able to compete in something I love.

Kiteboarding at the time was not big in Uruguay. Which meant that their was no pressure….. I was on my own to do what I wanted. I rode for a year learning from different riders and taking in there technique.

In 2009, I decided to go to Cumbuco, Brazil and it was probably the best decision of my life. I was able to ride, meet, and perfect my kiting. Since them im focusing only in freestyle , training very hard and trying to push my kiteboarding as hard as posible.

I am now riding around the world looking for the best spots, making videos and compiting in the PKRA , KTE and Nationals.!  When I’m not kiteaboarding… -Sailing, wakeboarding, training in the gym, kickboxing, longboarding, surfing, partying and enjoying life!.. and also working to get all this possible!!

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