Here is how I got into the sport

Oliver was born on December 12th 1992 in Germany, Kiel.  

Son of an Uruguayan Sailor and a German Sportswomen, he moved to Uruguay as a kid and traveled every year back to his german family. 

At the age of 7, he started Optimist competing in several international championships and earning different titles.

2007 was a game changing year… he was introduced into Kitesurfing for the first time, and since then, could never stop riding.   

In his trips to Germany he got to know the local Spot in Kiel, Laboe. A place where freestylers where training hard every single day, preparing themselves for the competitions. The moment he saw that, he got hooked into Freestyle. 

After travelling to Brasil by himself in 2009 looking to improving his riding skills, he embarked in the constant trips, chasing the wind. 

Leading National Championships at the age of 16, he decided to try himself for the first  time at a World Championship, the PKRA Bariloche. The result? He got into the top 10. 

This gave him strong motivation to go out and look for sponsors, in order to be able to keep training and competing around the world. 

With this in mind, he bought his first reflex camera and started shooting his own kite videos, signing contract with LiquidForceKites, Ripcurl and MINI in 2011. 

The next years he spent them in the constant search of amazing spots around the world for training for the world championship while shooting promo videos for his brands.

In 2013 he achieved a 9th position in one of the most competitive events of the World Tour: Sankt Peter Ording, Germany.  This year he got top 20 in the world at the WorldTour. 

An unexpected twist happened in 2014, when he got invited for second time to the KiteFest San Juan to be part of the Kite show together with Pro Kiter Youri Zoon and Jesse Richman.  

Unfortunately, the event did not turn good for Oliver, he destroyed his knee after a big Jump.

It took him 2 surgeries, 1 year and a lot of self confidence and motivation to be back on the board, in the water.

Meanwhile, this gave him ample time to improve himself in other areas such as the Production of Audio-visual Media, starting his own company, that today proudly runs, Something that started as a necessity, do material to get sponsors, turned into his profession and also, his passion.

Nowadays Oliver kites for the pleasure of it, to share the stoke with friends, while he produces high end media around the world with StudiosROFF.

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